Green Pension Trustees are independent firm of professional pension scheme trustees.

Our professional expertise spans pensions law and the regulatory standards applying to occupational pension schemes.

Our role is to assure members that their pension schemes are properly run.

We are currently acting as Trustee & Administrator of the following pension schemes: -

  • The Green Retirement Pension Plan

  • The Green Retirement Plan Series Two

  • The Green Retirement Plan Series Three

  • The Fixed Income 2012 Retirement Plan.

It is important to understand that we did not establish these schemes and have not hitherto been involved with the schemes' investment decisions.

Instead we have been appointed to replace the previous trustee (Mr Mark Harris) and his administration company (AC Management & Administration Ltd).

Our objects for these schemes can be summarised as: -

  • Securing scheme records and assets;
  • Preparation of Financial Statements since 2012;
  • Returning the schemes to compliance with pensions law;
  • Gathering in investment proceeds and interest payments as they become due;
  • Winding up the schemes and paying transfer values for members.